CLOSED 31st July 2022

with sad regret...

Discovering Diamonds opened on January 1st 2017 with the aim of helping good indie and self-published authors of historical fiction to get noticed. Good reviews of good books, however they are published, are always welcomed by readers who do not particularly care how a book is produced as long as the reading experience is rewarding, satisfying and entertaining. Our aim was to showcase well-written historical fiction for readers to enjoy. I think we achieved our goal. 

But it is with sad regret that I am announcing Discovering Diamonds is to no longer continue. I have spent many hours running the site these past years - alas, I am now visually impaired, have muscle damage to my hands and find that I do not have the time I need to write, and market, my own books. Therefore I have made the regrettable decision to call it a day. The site will not be deleted, all reviews, articles etc will remain accessible to readers looking for a good book to read. I am particularly delighted that our last few reviews were 5 star Discovered Diamond Reviewer's choice selections - we have ended on a high note with some 'very good reads' to end on!

We had a total of 1,461 books submitted to us for potential review. Several were, unfortunately, not selected to have a review published, but many received our five-star rating, some of which were selected as Book of The Month. We also received not far off 600,000 visitors. We published 1,496 posts, mostly reviews, but some articles, and for each year during December our much loved December Story Song short stories. 

Sadly, and most regrettably, the closure of Discovering Diamonds has meant the disbandment of our planned Award for 2022. My apologies to the authors.

However, if you are an author seeking a suitable (free and respected) site for your books, please consider contacting Pauline Barclay's Chill With A Book Awards - she'd be delighted to welcome you as authors or potential reviewers. 

Pauline Barclay
Founder of Chill With A Book award

there is also
(although there is a fee for reviews)
IndieBrag does good promotion for books and 
you get gold stickers to place on your books to promote a standard of excellence

yours sincerely,
Founder of #DDRevs  January 2017 - July 2022
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My enormous, grateful thanks to...

Senior Reviewer and admin editor

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and to the authors and reviewers
who regularly supported 
Discovering Diamonds one way or another


Susan Appleyard
Guest Spot

Cryssa Bazos

Anna Belfrage
and Guest spot



(author J G Harlond)

Alison Morton

Robyn R. Pearce

Elizabeth St John


RICHARD TEARLE (deceased)1948-2021
Senior Reviewer
reviewed from 2012-November 2020

Marian L Thorpe

My thanks also to 
our other non-author reviewers
Anne and Jack Holt
Cathy Smith
Christopher Fischer
Cindy Vallor
Dawn Lee
Ellen Hill
Jeffrey Manton
Jessica Brown
Kristen McQuinn
Louise Adam
Lucy Townshend
Mary Chapple
Nicky Galliers
Richard Abbott
Richard Dee

Cathy Helms and Tamian Wood graphics designers, 
were  our joint Cover of the Month judges



And my thanks to you
the readers and visitors of Discovering Diamonds
Thank you

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