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to submit a book for potential review:  but please read our SUBMISSIONS  guidelines - and the FAQ below where you should find any information you need.

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Q. Do you accept young adult novels?
A. Yes - as long as they are historical fiction

Q. Do you accept short stories or novellas?
A. Yes - again as long as they are (at least 75%) historical fiction and have an ISBN or ASIN number 

Q. Do you accept erotica?
A. Yes, ditto re historical fiction - but we cannot guarantee that one of our review team will select the book to read. Erotica is not to everyone's taste.

Q. Do you post reviews of all the books sent to you?
A. Sorry, no. We select the books we review, they have to be good quality and 'value for money' for potential readers where the writing and presentation is concerned.

Q. How do I enter Book of the Month/Year contest?
A. Just submit your book for review. The book of the month is the personal choice of our founder, Helen Hollick, who chooses books to read from those reviewed.

Q. How do I enter the Cover of the Month contest?
A. By submitting your book for review. The cover of the month is selected from the books reviewed that month.

Q. Is there a prize for Book/Cover of the Year?
A. Sorry no, but the winner will receive a nice logo to use and some free advertising on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Q.How do I submit my book to be reviewed?
A. Go here. You'll find full details of what to do. 

Q. Do I have to pay anything to get my book reviewed?
A. No. But you do have to provide an e-file (or the actual book by arrangement only) at your own expense.

Q. Can I send a gift card for you to purchase my book?
A. Short answer: no

Q. What happens to e-files or books that are submitted for review once they have been read and reviewed?
A. e-files are deleted, hardcopies of books will be donated to a charity (thrift) shop or to a public library. Books are only sent to our reliable reviewers, no books are passed on to other readers or re-sold.

Q. I write fantasy that has an historical element, would you review it?
A. It depends. If we feel that readers of historical fiction would enjoy it because of a connection to history, and if it was extremely well written, then yes. (e.g. Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings are both fantasy, but have a link, of sorts, to history.)

Q. Do you accept alternative history?
A. Most definitely yes!

Q. How quickly will my book get reviewed if it is selected to be reviewed?
A. We do have a rather large book list, and reviews are scheduled in advance, so possibly you may need to wait two or three months.

Q. How often do you post reviews?
A. Three times a week. A new review goes live on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Q. I like reviewing books. How can I join your team?
A.Simple, e-mail me (Helen) and I'll send you some details

Q. Does my book have to be recently published or can it be any 'age'?
A. Any age!

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