Wondering about submitting a novel to Discovering Diamonds
 for possible review?

Thank you for your enquiry about submitting a novel to Discovering Diamonds for possible review.

Please note: 

we can now only receive e-versions – mobi / or professionally produced PDF/ARC
(We do accept e-pub but prefer the above as most of our reviewers use a Kindle)

Send  e-files  to our submissions address, 

BOOK TITLE AND AUTHOR (failure to do say may result in rejection of your book)
  • We accept indie or traditionally published books of Historical Fiction of any sub-genre: i.e historical romance, thriller, timeslip etc. (‘Historical’ means at least 75% must be set pre 1953
  •  Send a final version e-file... Incorrect formatting, too many typos/ errors in an unedited file will result in your book being rejected without being read.
  • Please include in your email when submitting your novel/s an approximate word-count length.
  • We can no longer accept paperback or hardback copies.
  • We do not accept gift cards or vouchers. We forward files to a trusted review team member so cannot use vouchers – if you send one it will NOT be returned and your book will NOT be reviewed.
  • Not all books submitted will have a review published on Discovering DiamondsYou will be contacted if your book has been selected for review, but please allow up to at least THREE months – we have a lot of books and a small, but dedicated, review team.
  • We reserve the right to not explain why a book has not been selected for review.  Unless by choice of individual reviewers, further correspondence will not be entered into. 
  • All e-files submitted to us will be deleted after being read. Beyond being sent to one of our review team they will not be forwarded, copied or used in any other way. Paperbacks etc will be donated to a charity/thrift shop or local library.
  • We try our best to post a copy of the review, or a quote from  it, on,  and Goodreads.  However, it cannot be guaranteed that  will accept and publish a submission. will not accept our submitted comments.
  • Books reviewed, where possible, will be mentioned on Twitter and Facebook on the day the review is posted.
  • You are welcome to use any quotes from your review as and how you wish, but please mention Reviewed by Discovering DiamondsYou are also welcome to use the Discovering Diamonds logo  awarded to your novel where and how you wish.
  • Our Twitter hashtag is #DDRevs #DiscoveringDiamonds
  • From January 2020 books reviewed will have buying links to Amazon  .COM / .CO.UK / .CA / .AU  and a link to Goodreads
  • We welcome anyone wishing to join our review team, e-mail Helen for details 

Still interested?   
Send an e-file  to our submission address

Thank you, we look forward to receiving your novel.

mark the subject line : 
Discovering Diamonds Submissions

include in the text



(if different from author name)

Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you


"We are not here as technical arbiters but as book reviewers who need simple common standards to judge how easy the book as a product is to use."

All books have to be fully published and the version submitted has to be the published version, not a proof or intermediate edition. The only exceptions are PDF ARC versions from established publishing houses.

We require correctly formatted, readable, files:  mobis (for Kindle) preferably but we do accept ePub versions (for everything else such as iBooks, Google Playbooks etc). Apart from KDP, we will not necessarily accept files that were created on free, downloadable software by the author/publishing house as these can often contain errors and give a false impression of the production quality of the book. Incorrectly formatted files create incorrectly formatted ebooks. Issues such as double line spaces between paragraphs, page numbers in the middle of a 'page' etc.,  blank pages can indicate incorrectly formatted files sent to be published. This is often down to using tabs to indent paragraphs as tabs do not play well with digital publishing formats. Such things tend to happen when trying to convert a Word.doc to a mobi using unsuitable free software.

What we look for:
  • The text should be justified, not left or right or centres but margin to margin, as you would expect for any professionally print book.
  • Indents should only be used for subparagraphs and dialogue except where the dialogue is at the beginning of a new text block (new chapter, after a break, line of asterisks etc).
  • Ebooks can have a full page for a new chapter: no need for a half page of text as is frequently seen in print books.
  • The cover should be part of the file, not as a separate attachment. Amazon requires the text and cover to be submitted separately and then put the two together for the final on-sale version. Our reviewers here at Discovering Diamonds, however, are not Amazon, so we want the book as the buyer gets it, please.
  • We expect to receive, read, and review the same format as any reader who may potentially purchase your novel.
  • The 'Look Inside' feature on Amazon for Kindle books can give a misleading indication of formatting.
There is some controversy about formatting ebooks because text can be altered by individual readers for their specific requirements, however, despite the myth that 'correct formatting is not suitable for ebooks' that is a myth! Correct formatting is no problem for the professional ebook formatter who will have ensured the text wraps and new paragraphs still have an indent. Paragraphs, correctly justified margins, indents, etc., should all be retained, if correctly formatted, even though the text has flowed to accommodate the different page sizes. Hence, we insist on correct, professional level formatting. However, we do appreciate that there are issues with this, so we reserve the right to use our judgement regarding the formatting of novels submitted to us.

For further technical information about producing an ebook please contact our technical adviser e-book editor, Nicky Galliers.