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'A good book is a good book whether it is indie or 
mainstream published'

Our criteria: 
'Is this book value for money?'

Please note: 
  • we  only accept e-versions that are suitable for a KINDLE device - mobi or professionally produced PDF/ARC files. We prefer a mobi format where possible as PDF files do not always upload well to a Kindle, and this could affect a potential review. If the file you send is not compatible to a Kindle it will be automatically rejected.
  • (important information: although epub or KPF files now have to be used to initially upload and PUBLISH a book via Amazon KDP, these files will NOT load to a Kindle device. If you wish to send a Kindle compatible copy to Discovering Diamonds [or any reviewer or friends and family!] you must continue to use a MOBI format version. If it isn't in a mobi or PDF format it will NOT load to a Kindle. 
  • We do not accept E-PUB files
  • We do not accept links  to book collection sites
  • Send  e-files  to our submissions address,


(failure to do say may result in rejection of your book)

  • We accept indie or traditionally published books of Historical Fiction of any sub-genre: i.e historical romance, thriller, timeslip etc. (‘Historical’ means at least 75% must be set pre 1953
  • Send a final version e-file... Incorrect formatting, too many typos/ errors in an unedited file will result in your book being rejected without being read.
  • We do not accept paperback or hardback copies. We do not accept gift cards or vouchers. We forward files to a trusted review team member so cannot use vouchers – if you send one it will NOT be returned and your book will NOT be reviewed.
  • Not all books submitted will have a review published on Discovering Diamonds. You will be contacted if your book has been selected for review, but please allow up to at least three months – we have a lot of books and a small, but dedicated, review team.
  • We reserve the right to not explain why a book has not been selected for review.  Unless by choice of individual reviewers, further correspondence will not be entered into. 
  • Cover design will be taken into consideration - poorly designed covers do not reflect as a quality produced book and will result in the title being rejected.
  • All e-files submitted to us will be deleted after being read. Beyond being sent to one of our review team they will not be forwarded, copied or used in any other way.
  • We try our best to post a copy of the review, or a quote from  it, on,  and Goodreads. However, it cannot be guaranteed that  will accept and publish a submission. As we are UK-based will not accept our submitted comments.
  • Books reviewed, where possible, will be mentioned on Twitter and Facebook on the day the review is posted.
  • You are welcome to use any quotes from your review as and how you wish, but please mention Reviewed by Discovering Diamonds. You are also welcome to use the Discovering Diamonds logo  awarded to your novel where and how you wish.
  • Our Twitter hashtag is #DDRevs #DiscoveringDiamonds
  • books reviewed will have buying links to Amazon  .COM / .CO.UK / .CA / .AU  and a link to Goodreads

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Send an e-file  to our submission address 

mark the subject line : 
Discovering Diamonds Submissions

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Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you


"We are not here as technical arbiters but as book reviewers with simple, common standards to judge how easy the book as a product is to use and read."

  • All books have to be fully published and the version submitted has to be the published version, not a proof or intermediate edition. The only exceptions are PDF ARC (Advanced Review Copy)  versions from established publishing houses.
  • We require correctly formatted, readable, files - mobis (for Kindle)  Incorrectly formatted files create incorrectly formatted ebooks. Issues such as double line spaces between paragraphs, page numbers in the middle of a 'page' etc will result in the book being rejected.
  • We expect to receive, read, and review the same book as any reader who may potentially purchase the novel. Our criteria being 'is this book value for money'. 
  • Cover design will be taken into consideration - poorly designed covers do not indicate quality reading.