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A Story Inspired by a Song by Helen Hollick

guess the song
clue... a long time
Tiola Oldstagh is the lead female in my Sea Witch Voyages. She is a white witch, one of the Old Wise Women created at the Dawn of Time. She has lived through the centuries, her soul reborn from grandmother to granddaughter, and has but the one true love - Jesamiah. Their incarnations, carrying their journeying souls have crossed paths many times as the millennia have passed by, but they are finally to unite as man and woman in the early years of the 1700s -  their story beginning in the first Voyage, Sea Witch (and in the novella prequel, When The Mermaid Sings)

Throughout time, Tiola has waited patiently for Jesamiah to notice her....

* * * 

Waiting, living, breathing. Waiting.
I have been waiting so long, so very long. For you. Looking for you, trying to find you. Living through years of fear and doubt, of life that was never quite, never quite, fulfilled without you. A thousand years and a thousand more have I waited.

Things I have seen, things I have done, things I have endured. Waiting for you. All the while, waiting to be with you.
I have  known others, but I have not loved any one of them like I will love you.

Seeing you, our paths crossing but never touching, never knowing you, never being with you as the years turned and turned, and the seasons changed, while the stars wheeled in the sky, and the sun climbed high and the moon shone her gentle smile. Waiting to be with you, to love you. Waiting.

While the tides rose and fell, and the snows drifted and the waters flooded. While the winds swept across the mountains and the plains, while my life and your life was born and re-born, and we lived and we died, and we were born again. I watched you through it all, through our lives and our deaths. Waiting and watching and waiting again and again for you to see me, to notice me.

Wandering as days turned to nights, as nights turned through the weeks, the months, the years.  Wandering alone, without you. Being brave, being strong, hiding the tears, taking the blows, knowing that my heart was yours and yours alone. Waiting for the time, that right time, when the stars aligned and our smiles met and our souls, finally, touched.

Days. Weeks. Months. Years. A hundred years, a thousand years and then a thousand more. As time trod by on a slow, measured, path. One life, my life, born, lived, died, reborn. Another life, your life, born, lived, died, reborn. The serpentine trace of our footsteps pacing through the years. Your lives, my lives. Stepping closer but never touching.

Watching as the world turned, as empires rose and marched and fell. As kings ruled, as queens bore their sons. As wars killed more than did the plagues, as leaders, heroes and monsters came and passed by. As faiths foundered or grew, as knowledge burned bright and greed and lust grasped at those who wanted more than they could hold. Through the rise and the fall, through a thousand years, and a thousand more, have I waited, and waited and waited.

Each day, each minute, each heartbeat bringing me nearer to you and you nearer to me. To loving you. Waiting for you to love me too. An agony, that long, relentless pain of waiting.

Standing here, watching you live - unaware of me - my heart is beating, my soul is singing: that last step closer to you, but yet  still miles apart. Time is passing, I try to reach you, to touch you, to hold you, to love you. Waiting through all these years.

A day passes. I am a step closer.
A week passes. I am a step closer.
A month. A step closer.
A year. Another, small, step closer.
Waiting for your gaze to meet with mine, for your heart to beat with mine, for your touch, for your smile, your laugh, your life, your love, your soul, to join with mine.

And at last, the waiting endured and ended.

Our love, finally, united. No more waiting.
You and I. 
Together for eternity - and beyond.

© Helen Hollick

song Christina Perri A Thousand Years

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about the author:

Helen lives on a thirteen-acre farm in North Devon, England. Born in London, she wrote pony stories as a teenager, moved to science-fiction and fantasy, and then discovered historical fiction. Published for over twenty years with her Arthurian Trilogy, and the 1066 era she became a ‘USA Today’ bestseller with her novel about Queen Emma The Forever Queen (UK title A Hollow Crown.) She also writes the Sea Witch Voyages, pirate-based nautical adventures with a touch of fantasy. She has written non-fiction about pirates and Smugglers (due to be published in 2019)

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Twitter: @HelenHollick

Helen is the founder of Discovering Diamonds

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  1. A beautiful story of yearning, patience and endurance. And, of course, love. And a heart-wrenching video and song.

    1. Patience is a thing that Tiola (unlike myself!!!) has a boatload of - especially where Jesamiah is concerned!

  2. Oh, that's beautiful Helen. So poignant.

    Now let's see how many hoops I have to jump through to get this comment up, lol. I can hardly see those darned cars on my pone and it makes me do it over and over again until I begin to feel like a bot myself. ��

  3. I always loved Tiola; so ethereal - especially in When The Mermaid Sings. And what a soulful song to express her yearning for Jesamiah.

  4. I can see Tiola singing this song herself! As I was reading her thoughts, I wondered if the piece was inspired by Sting's version...and then when I got to the end and saw Christina Perry - I knew it! The song perfectly fits Tiola and Jes - especially from her POV. Beautiful. And of course eloquently written by you.

  5. Tiola is a very special person and these wonderful words - both story and lyrics - describe her perfectly

  6. Beautiful. But she isn't the only one yearning and waiting for Jesamiah, is she? Leaving aside me ( :) ) we also have the lady of the sea...

  7. Very lyrically written, almost a poem.

  8. Such lovely prose, I immediately re-read when I finished. I didn't want it to stop. I thought the song was going to be Foreigner's Waited so Long - so this was a joy, too!

  9. What lovely writing, this conveys the mood and yearning so wonderfully well. I kloved this story

  10. Oh I miss Tiola and the steadfast awareness of her. Love it!


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