Friday 25 June 2021

A Sister's War by Molly Green

WWII / 1943

3rd in Three Sisters of Victory Saga

"Against her strict mother’s wishes, Ronnie signs up to join the Grand Union Canal Company, where she’ll be working on a narrowboat taking critical supplies between London and Birmingham. But with no experience on the waterways, she must learn the ropes quickly. She’s facing dreadful weather, long days, and rough living conditions. At least she isn’t on her own. In the toughest times, will Ronnie and her fellow trainees pull together? For even in the darkest days of war, hope and friendship can see you through…"

What is there not to like about a Molly Green novel?

All the characters in this entertaining and highly readable and enjoyable wartime adventure on the canals of England are superbly drawn, and very likeable (most of them – even taskmistress Dora). The youngest sister of three girls, Ronnie (Veronique) Linfoot, I immediately adored. Sixteen years old and determined to ‘do her bit’ for the war effort, she lies about her age and goes off to train how to handle narrowboats carrying essential cargo the length and breadth of England.

Along with Ronnie and her friends, we struggle through the hard training, the ups and downs, the laughter, loves and the dangers of life on the canals, the long hours, the endurance and the prejudices... in the eyes of many, the canals were not a place for women, even during wartime. Things go right, things go wrong. There is a war on, after all. 

I did wonder if I would enjoy this third part of Ms Green’s stories about these three sisters as much as I did the previous two, but if anything, this one was even better. As an added bonus, it really doesn’t matter if you have or haven’t read those two instalments in the series, for each are so well written they are perfectly adequate stand-alone novels.

I know it is a terrible cliché but this series would make superb TV drama.

A very highly recommended read

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