Friday 24 July 2020

The Promise by Amy Maroney

shortlisted for Book of the Month

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Fictional Saga /Novella
fifteenth century

"It is 1483, and the Pyrenees mountains are a dangerous place for a woman. Especially if you're Elena de Arazas. Haunted by a childhood tragedy, mountain healer and midwife Elena navigates the world like a bird in flight. An unexpected romance shatters her solitary existence, giving her new hope. But when her dearest friend makes an audacious request, Elena faces an agonizing choice. Will she be drawn back into the web of violence s
he’s spent a lifetime trying to escape? The Promise: A Prequel Novella will transport you into the world of the Miramonde Series, which tells the dazzling story of a Renaissance-era female artist and the young scholar on her trail."

Amy Maroney is fast becoming one of my favourite historical fiction authors after reading The Girl from Oto and now her prequel, The Promise. She recreates the past faithfully on the page through gorgeous description. I feel that I’ve been transported to the Pyrenees in a bygone era. But her attention to detail doesn’t end with place and setting. Her characters are meticulously crafted: they breathe, they live, they jump off the page, and they play on the mind long after the last page is turned.

It was in fact my fascination with the character of Elena, the mysterious and independent mountain woman who helped raise Mira from The Girl from Oto, which made me eager to read her story in this prequel novella. I enjoyed every moment of it! I loved learning more about Elena and her past. She’s a wonderfully layered character—human, strong, and resilient. I loved revisiting characters from The Girl from Oto, and discovering new characters, in particular, Elena’s nomadic lover, Xabi, who has captured my imagination. 

As this is very much a prequel, the end links directly to the beginning of The Girl from Oto, so if you haven’t read the first book in the Miramonde series, be prepared to continue reading and to lose yourself beyond this novella.

Strong writing, nuanced characters and stunning description makes The Promise highly recommended.

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