Monday 20 July 2020

A Discovering Diamonds Review of The Dark Horizon by Liz Harris

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Fictional family Drama / Romance
England and America

“Oxfordshire, 1919. The instant that Lily Brown and Robert Linford set eyes on each other, they fall in love. The instant that Robert’s father, Joseph, head of the family’s successful building company, set eyes on Lily, he feels a deep distrust of her. Convinced that his new daughter-in-law is a gold-digger, and that Robert’s feelings are a youthful infatuation he’d come to regret, Joseph resolves to do whatever it takes to rid his family of Lily. And he doesn’t care what that is. As Robert and Lily are torn apart, the Linford family is told a lie that will have devastating consequences for years to come.”

How enjoyable to read a story written by a writer who can bring the characters and situations alive, seemingly with the utmost of ease.

We meet the characters and instantly take to them – or hate them. Lily is immediately likeable, Joseph, as quickly unlikeable. Straight away, from the opening paragraph, the characters’ passions, hopes and fears, their loves, secrets, lies, and losses grabbed my attention and held it, quite firmly, until the last page.

Lily falls in love with Robert – and there the trouble starts, for Robert’s father, Joseph does not like or trust his prospective daughter-in-law; she is not, in his opinion, good enough for the Linford family.

Interesting to read, as well,  the contrast between life in Oxfordshire and life in New York – both places, along with the feel of the period, well described and beautifully drawn.

My only slight comment is that maybe everything worked out too easily in the end, intentions mattered over actions and so events were solved. I felt a little that just deserts were not served... but then this is the first of a trilogy, so maybe there is more to come?

A good read, written elegantly and enjoyably.

Reviewed for Discovering Diamonds 

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