Monday 8 June 2020

Love Lost in Time by Cathie Dunn

shortlisted for Book of the Month

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Fictional Drama / Duel time
8th Century

I always enjoy books that have been inspired by a personal connection with the author, and this novel is based on a fascinating sequence of events experienced by Ms Dunn. She recounts how a neighbour’s discovery of ancient bones under her kitchen floor in Southwest France set in motion this tale of love, loss and healing. And in true historical fiction style, Ms Dunn takes that simple thread and from it weaves a whole tapestry — in fact two — of stories that intertwine and enrich each other.

Dual narrative can be tricky to read; often one story dominates the other. In Love Lost in Time, Ms Dunn creates a fascinating balance between a tragic love story set in the Visigoth empire of the eighth century, and a very modern historian on a quest to find her own personal history in picturesque Languedoc.

Thoroughly researched and beautifully told, both stories complement each other in narrative power and colourful scene-setting; and in the dual narrative the main characters are compelling – each a product of destiny and following their fate, regardless of the cost.

Fans of Kate Mosse will relish this book – it’s a fast read, but definitely not a superficial one. After I finished, I was left thinking about the characters in both stories, and they have left their imprint on me as enduring as the one impacting their own histories. Highly recommend.

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  1. This looks intriguing. Thank you, Cathie Dunn, Elizabeth St.John and of course, host Helen. Just ordered it!


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