Friday 18 September 2020

A Discovering Diamonds Review of Mustard Seed by Liala Ibrahim

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family drama
1800s (US Civil War)

This is fresh and intriguing. The reader learns about the aftermath of the American Civil War in the 1860s and the way people of colour were in effect enslaved again. 

Lisbeth is the Southern woman from a good family who has married an Abolitionist and goes home to see her dying father where she faces the continued enmity of her family. 

Meanwhile Jordan, who is a teacher in a free state, returns to help the family she left behind and these two women face up to each other in terrible circumstances. 

A page turner and emotional rollercoaster for most of the book. We root for our heroines. Do give it a go. This really engaged me with the one exception that the last three chapters ran out of steam a little and don't meet the promise of the rest of the book. 

Still, a wonderful thought provoking read.

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