Sunday, 14 June 2020

Guest Spot - Erica Lainé

Erica Lainé has been an actress, a beauty consultant, a box office manager for an arts festival, a domiciliary librarian, a reader liaison officer, a speech and drama teacher, a writer of TEFL textbooks for Chinese primary schools, and an educational project manager for the British Council in Hong Kong. She was awarded an MBE for her work there. She summed up that work with the quote, ‘He jumped on his horse and rode off wildly in all directions.’

She lived in London in the late 50s as a drama student and then as a young wife and mother until 1977. After her life in Hong Kong she came to south west France in 1997 with her architect husband to the glorious house he had designed, a conversion from a cottage and barn. She lives here with him, a cat and a dog and rooms filled with a lifetime collection of books. She is president of An Aquitaine Historical Society and through that organisation came to know about Isabella of Angoulême, the subject of her trilogy. She continues to be fascinated and intrigued by 13th century France and England and their tangled connections.

You can follow Erica on Facebook where she has a page as Isabella of Angouleme. She posts all sorts of historical snippets and images. where Erica tweets about just everything! But especially books and writing, gardens and gardening, and many a rant!

Erica has a web page, which is about observations of life in France, a miscellany of her interests, and of course her writing and events attached to that. 

Erica also has a Facebook page for An Aquitaine Historical Society, which has information about talks and where she posts about all things historical, both English and French.

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