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Richard Abbott  Half Sick of Shadows
Melissa Addey The Fragrant Concubine
Piers Alexander Scatterwood
Dick Allan  The Cry of the Heron  
Philip K. Allan 1) The Captain's Nephew  2) A Sloop of War  27th June
Susan Appleyard 1) Dark Spirit 2) In a Gilded Cage  3) Queen of Trial and Sorrow 4)  The First Plantagenet
Katherine Arden The Bear and the Nightingale 
Jane Austen Persuasion

Steven Baker Colour Sergeant Chesney VC
Dorinda Balchin 1) Heronfield 2) Cavalier Historian 
Pauline Barclay Satchfield Hall
Sally Barlow-Perez  Unintended Runaways
Sue Barr   Caroline
Jasper Barry That Deplorable Boy 13th July
P.S. Bartlett  Jaded Tides 
R L Bartram Whippoorwill  
 P. S Barttlett & Ronovan Hester AmberWake
Cryssa Bazos Traitor’s Knot 
Derek Birks 1) Kingdom of Rebels  2)Scars from the Past 3) The Blood of Princes 5th July
C.M. Blackwood  My White Dahlia  
Mark Bois The Lockwoods of Clonakilty 26th July
Katherine Bone KatherineBone The Pirate's Debt  2) Pirate’s Duchess  
Paul Boorstin  David And The Philistine Woman                        
Inge H Borg  Khamsin 
David J. Boulton Echoes Down the Line 19th July
Karen Bovenmyer  Swift for the Sun 
Lucienne Boyce 1) Bloodie Bones  2)  Fatal Coin 3)  Butcher's Block   
Christine Boyd The) Darcy Monologues
Kate Braithwaite Charlatan 
Rebecca Bryn  Touching the Wire 2) On Different Shores 3) On Common Ground 10th July
Richard Buxton  Whirligig  

Michael Calpino An Inception of Piracy 27th July
Deborah Carr Broken Faces 
Don Eric Carroll Pancho  
 Sharon E. Cathcart Bayou Fire 25th July
Elizabeth Chadwick Autumn Throne 
Chakraborty  S.A.  The City of Brass
Mari Christie Blind Tribute 
Sherry Christie Roma Amor 
Stephanie Churchill King's Daughter   2) Scribe's Daughter
Richard Coady the Maya Papyrus 
Linda Collison Rhode Island Rendezvous                
David Cook Fire and Steel 
Nicola Cornick  House of Shadows    
Victoria Cornwall The Thief's Daughter 
Bernard CornwellFlame Bearer 
Haydn Corper the Scent of Lilacs 
Emily Cotton Eva's Secret 
Vanessa Couchma The House at Zaronza n
Linda Covella Yakimali's Gift
Carol M. Cram The Muse of Fire
Glen Craney The Yanks are Starving 
John D Cressler Shadows in the Shining Cit

Elizabeth Darrell The Gathering Wolves
Heera Datta Catherine Dickens: Outside the Magic Circle 
Jayne Davis The Mrs MacKinnons  
B.W. Deane  On the Homefront
Ricke Deregon Fire In The Year Of Four Emperors  
Adrienne Dillard  Raven's Widow 
Jim Ditchfield Nursing Fox
Emma DonoghuThe Wonder 
Ruth Downie 1) Medicus  2) Terra Incognita  3) Memento Mori
Heidi Eljarbo Catching A Witch 
Saralee Etter  1) Lydia's Christmas Charade 2)  A Limited Engagement 
       3) Her Very Major Christmas
Nicole Evelina 1) Camelot's Queen  2) Daughter of Destiny   3) MadamePresidentess
Elaine Everest the Butlins Girtls 
Elizabeth Caulfield Felt Syncopation 
Yves Fey Floats the Dark Shadow 
Fannie Flagg the Whole Town's Talking 
Clare Flynn The Chalky Sea   
Fenella Forster  Kitty's Story     
Devorah Fox The Lost King 
Ruth Francisco Catfish Pearl 

Elizabeth Gates The Wolf Of Dalriada 
Victoria Glendinning The Butcher's Daughter 
Cynthia A. Graham Behind Every Door 
J.M. Graham Arizona Moon 
Molly Green An Orphan in the Snow 
Juliet Greenwood the White Camellia 
Rob Griffith For Our Liberty 
Susan Grossey 1) Portraits of Pretence 2) Faith, Hope and Trickery 

Peter Haden Jan 
Rachel Halliburton The Optickal Illusion: a very eighteenth-century scandal 4th July
Dean Hamilton The Jesuit Letter 
Dodie Hamilton Fragile Blossoms   2) A Second Chance
Christine Hancock Bright Sword 
Matthew Harffy 1) The Cross and the Curse  2) Kin of Cain  3) Killer of Kings 
Warrior of Woden 
J.G.Harlond Local Resistance   2) The Chosen Man 3) A Turning Wind 11th July 
Jan Harvey the Seven Letters 
Lars Hedbor The Path 2nd July
Suzy Henderson The Beauty Shop 
Joanna Hickson First of the Tudors
 Alice Hoffman  the Rules of Magic 
Mary Hoffman The Ravenmaster's Boy 
Catherine Hokin Blood and Roses
Howard of Warwick Domesday Book (No Not That One)  
 2) The Tapestry of Death  16th July
Carolyn Hughes Fortune's Wheel 
Susan Hughes A Kiss From France 
Roy T. Humphreys Patrick's Journey 

Conn Iggulden The Falcon of Sparta 26th June
Kate Innes The Errant Hours 
Michelle Isenhoff  Ella Wood
Shaun Ivory   1)  Duty and Dishonor     2) Friends of My Father                          

Michael Jensen Man and Beast 

Joanna Kafarowski The Polar Adventures of a Rich American Dame  (non-fiction)
Phillipa Jane Keyworth the Unexpected Earl 
Gwen Kirkwood Moorend Farm 
Knickerbocker Classics  1) Persuasion by  Jane Austen
 2) Grimm's Fairy Tales 
Catherine Kullmann Murmur of Masks   2) Perception & Illusion 
Marion Kummerow Unrelenting

Marie Laval  Angel Heart 
Judith Lennox One Last Dance 22nd June
Loretta Livingstone 1) Out of Time  2)  Promise to Keep 
Michael Livingstone & Kelly DeVries (ed) The Battle of Crecy: A Casebook Non-Fiction 29th May 
Paula Lofting  the Wolf Banner 
M J Logue Red Horse   

Bruce MacBain Roman Games   2) Odin's Child 9th July
A J MacKenziThe Body in the Ice  
Marie Macpherson The Second Blast of the Trumpet 
Nicki J Markus Brougham Hall 3rd  July
Cindy Rinaman Marsch Rosette 
James Conroyd Martin The Boy Who Wanted Wings
Rhona Martin Gallows Wedding 
Gabrielle Mathieu 1) the Falcon Flies Alone   2) the Falcon Strikes
V.L. McBeath Hooks and Eyes
Carol McGrath  1) Betrothed Sister 2) Woman in the Shadows       
Steven McKay Forest Lord Series 
Paula McLain Circling the Sun 
Kat Michels In a Time Never Known 
Cynthia Ripley Millar The Quest for the Crown of Thorns
Mark M.McMillin The Butcher's Daughter
Catherine Meyrick Forsaking All Other 24th July
Rosalind MinettImpact 
Alison Morton Aurelia   2) Retalio 3)  Carina         
Nicky Moxey Sheriff and Priest
Kate Murdoch Stone Circle 28th June
M.C.Muir Oliver Quintrell Series 2)  Seventy-Four 
April Munday Beloved Besieged 
Tiffany Murray Sugar Hall  

Steven Neil The Merest Loss 
David Neilson The Prussian Dispatch 12th July
James L.Nelson  1)Norseman Saga 2) Glendough Fair 3)Night Wolf 4)Raider’s Wake 
Charlene Newcomb 1) For King and Country   2) Swords of the King 
Caroline Newark  Fair Maid of Kent 
Terri Nixon The) Dust of Ancients 
Columbkill Noonan Barnabas Tew And The Case Of The Missing Scarab 18th July

Anne O'Brien Shadow Queen 
Annette Oppenlander Surviving the Fatherland 
John Orton Blitz P.A.M.S.                          
Anna Franklin Osborne Walking Wounded 

Lorna Peel Brotherly Love 
Liza Perrat Blood Rose Angel  
Jana Petken Swearing Allegiance  
Scarlette Pike In Spite of Lions 
S.Pitt Fen-wolf     
R.L. Prendergast Confessions of Socrates 


Jacqueline Reiter Earl of Shadows 
James Remmer Out Of Mecklenburg  
Scott R. Rezer The Leper King
Tony Riches Henry : Book Three of the Tudor Trilogy
Mercedes Rochelle 1) Fatal Rivalry  2) Godwine Kingmaker 3) Sons of Godwine
Sarah Roux A Painted Samovar
Norman Russell  An Oxford Scandal 
William H. Russeth  Belerion Odyssey        
 Andrée Rushton The War Baby 

Steven Saylor Wrath of the Furies 
N. C. Schell The Ballade of Mary Reede   
Sarah Schmidt  See What I Have Done    
Eric Schumacher  Raven’s Feast    
Beverly Scott  Sarah’s Secret                                    
 Mark Seaman  A Corner Of My Heart 
Angela Macrae Shanks The Blood and the Barley   17th July
Liz MacRae Shaw No Safe Anchorage                      
Harry Sidebottom Fire and Sword 
Michael A. SimpsoSons of My Fathers  
Margaret Skea 1) A House Divided  2) Katharina: Deliverance
Marla Skidmore Renaissance: The Fall and Rise of a King  
Elizabeth St John 1) Lady of the Tower 2) By Love Divided 3) Counterpoint
Peter St.John Gang Territory 
Cynthia Strauff Echoes from the Alum Chine 20th July
Alison Stuart And then Mine Enemy                                   
Julia Sutherland Tug of War
Deborah Swift Pleasing Mr Pepys  
Joan Szechtman Strange Times 


Susan Tarr Phenomena: The Lost & Forgotten Children 29th June
Millie Thom Shadow of the Raven
Doug Thompson A Time For Role Call
Judith Thomson The Distant Hills 6th July
M.K. Tod Time and Regret
Theresa Tomlinson  1) Tribute Bride   2) Queen of a Distant Hive 
Tim Topps The Paper Caper 
Lindsay Townsend A Taste of Evil 
Wayne Turmel Acre's Bastard                 
MaryLu Tyndall Charity's Cross 

V.E. Ulett Golden Dragon 

Vanda Juliana  
Antoine Vanner 1) Britannia's Amazon   2) Britannia’s Gamble 
Various authors 1066 Turned Upside Down 
Various authors Dangerous to Know: Jane Austen's Rakes & Gentlemen Rogues  30th July

Minette Walters The LastHours  
Heloise West Ardent  
Kiersten White And I Darken 
Samantha Wilcoxson Faithful Traitor 
Alethea Williams Nȧȧpiikoan Winter 
Michael E. Wills Bounty 
Jacqueline Wilson Clover Moon   
Jennifer Wilson  Kindred Spirits: The Tower of London 
Lisa Wingate Before We Were Yours  25th June
Mary Withall Disruption
Olga Wojtas Miss Blaine’s Prefect and the Golden Samovar


Mary Anne Yard 1) The du Lac Chronicles   2) Du Lac Devil
Angela Jean Young Field Of Dust


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