Thursday 30 January 2020

A Discovering Diamonds Review of Her Vanquished Land by Diane Scott Lewis Reviewed by: Mary Chapple

"Are there already enough novels of a feisty woman who dresses in male apparel? Maybe, yes, but when you come across something that is  engrossing -  who cares?"
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Fictional drama

“In 1780, Loyalist Rowena Marsh insists on spying for the British during the American Revolution. As a girl, she must dress as a boy, plus endure devastation and murder as she decodes messages for a mysterious Welshman. The tide has turned in the rebels’ favor. General George Washington appears to be winning. The loyalists are bombarded by threats and lost battles. Rowena stays determined to aid the British cause and preserve her family as they’re chased from their Pennsylvania home. She struggles with possible defeat and permanent exile, plus her growing love for the Welshman who may have little need for affection. Will the war destroy both their lives?”

A novel of adventure and survival – and romance  during a time of disunity and war, with some treachery and heartache, and trust and honour thrown in for good measure.

Are there already enough novels of a young, bold and feisty woman fed up with being left behind, so dresses in male apparel to go of to do her bit? Maybe, yes there are but, when you come across something that is engrossing, who cares how many authors have done something similar before? This novel was a little different from the usual US v UK struggle for independence as the usual familiar tale of conflict is told from the loyalist’s to King George III point of view, rather than that of the American Patriot.

A good story with good characters.

© Mary Chapple
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  1. I enjoyed this novel very much, looking at it from a different perspective.


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