Wednesday 31 July 2019

Book and Cover of the Month - JULY

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designer Cathy Helms of
with fellow designer Tamian Wood of
will select the Cover of the Month
with all winners going forward for Cover of the Year in December 2019
(honourable mentions going forward for Honourable Mention Runner-up)
Note: where UK and US covers differ only one version will be selected


Cover of the Month 
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Cover designed by Erin Dameron-Hill 
Honourable Mention Runner Up 
Black Camp 21
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ALTDORF: The Forest Knights: Book 1
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From our JULY Reviews
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Not a read for the faint-hearted. The aftermath of Culloden (April 1746) and this novel reflects the horror and violence suffered by the defeated Scots. There are graphic and explicit scenes, so not a book for a relaxing bedtime read, and being honest, it's a little slow in places but it is a stunning, novel that brought home the reality of what happened in the glens and highlands.

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I've chosen Ruth Downie's novella Prima Facie as my book of the month because the entire series is such delightful fun to read. This is a murder mystery with well-drawn plots and brilliant characters. The bonus of a touch of humour is just right - not overdone or feeling false. I wish we could see these as TV dramas!

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