11 April 2018

A Discovering Diamonds review of Strange Times by Joan Szechtman

Richard III in the Twenty First Century, Book 3

AMAZON UK £2.32 £8.42
AMAZON US $3.25 $10.95 

Fantasy/ Fictional Saga/ Novella
21st Century

This is the third book in a three book series.  I had previously read Book One (but not Book Two). In Book One, Richard III was saved from death at Bosworth by being lifted into the Twenty-first century by means of a time machine). Book 3 focuses on Richard's attempt (with the help of his new friends and family) to save his best friend Francis Lovell from death by doing the same.

This book is a very fast entertaining read and I had a difficult time closing my Kindle. Because of the short length, however, most of the writing is focused on action and events rather than the character's interactions with each other and adjustment to twenty-first century life. 

Although clearly based in fantasy, Szechtman manages to create a believable and engrossing story. 

© Susan Adler

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