Thursday 28 September 2017

A Discovering Diamonds Review of Red Sky Over Dartmoor by Tony Rea

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1916-1922 World War I,
Belgium, and Cornwall

Red Sky Over Dartmoor is almost two books in one. Marc Bergeron is a Canadian artillery Captain with a habit of being sent to the heart of the action. Doncha Ryan, an Irish bombardier is his faithful 'sidekick'. Bergeron is wounded and invalided out after the Armistice, but there is something nagging at him regarding the deaths of two officers that he knew and liked. He manages to piece together the evidence and forms his own plan of revenge and retribution.

A gripping story that makes you want to keep reading; well crafted, though I think there were one or two small holes in the plot – it was not until near the end that my question 'where does he get his money from' was answered. Plus a couple of very minor typos. Most of the loose ends are tied up, but one is left open for the reader to decide what happens.

An impressive debut novel from a man who knows his subject and whether there is a continuation of this story or not, I look forward to subsequent stories.

© Richard Tearle

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