Friday 29 September 2017

Perception & Illusion by Catherine Kullman

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shortlisted for DDRevs Book of the Month

Regency Romance

Lallie Grey’s father hides from her the fortune she will receive when she turns twenty-five years of age. He continues to divert most of her allowance to himself and arranges a marriage for her so that he and the bridegroom may keep her fortune. Disgusted with his plot and his choice of bridegroom, Lallie escapes with plans to throw herself on the mercy of her grandparents. Luckily for her, she is discovered by Hugo Tamrisk, who has already shown an interest in her.

Most romances end with the wedding but this one is an exploration of Lallie and Hugo’s relationship with all it delights and disasters, and shows how perceptions and illusion can make or break hearts. 

The Regency characters are nicely rounded and easily visualised to the point that I have an image in my head of the actor I’d choose to play Hugo! Intriguing period detail abounds, much of which was new to me, such as Lallie’s presentation at court. The writing style fits the period very well indeed. There are descriptions of gowns and houses which will please many, but not so many that they become tiresome.

All in all, a very pleasant read, with a heroine true to the period.

© Jen Black

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