Wednesday 27 September 2017

The Ravenmaster's Boy by Mary Hoffman

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"The story of the fall of Anne Boleyn as it has never been told – this time with ravens.
Young Kit finds himself on a plague cart wedged between the bodies of his mother and father. But he is alive and is rescued and taken into the home of the Ravenmaster at the Tower of London. He soon finds he can speak the language of the big black birds, a skill which proves useful when he finds himself caught up in a story of queens and treason, princesses and executioners.
There can be no change in the history of Henry Vlll’s first two wives but without Kit and the ravens another Tudor monarch might never have survived."

This little book is written for children and teenagers but that is not to say it is not pleasing for an adult to read - it is, very.

It is a fictionalisation of the time Anne Boleyn spent as a prisoner in the Tower and how she is befriended by Kit, the adopted son of the Ravenmaster. Kit is thrown into an adult world that he doesn't understand but he has friends who help him, two young girls who also live at the Tower with their parents, and the Tower’s six ravens.

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