Tuesday 27 June 2017

The Dust of Ancients by Terri Nixon

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Timeslip / Mystery
Cornwall, England

(The Lynher Mill Chronicles Book 1)

“A curse uttered in the extremity of terror and death can reverberate for centuries. When the means to bring that curse to fruition are suddenly within reach, the innocents must look to their past to protect their future ... and their past wants no part of it. 

Richard Lucas has been plagued by vivid and disturbing dreams since the death of his wife eleven years ago, and, desperate to get his life back on track, he is persuaded by his best friend Dean to take a sabbatical. But when he arrives in Dean’s home village of Lynher Mill he discovers that, not only is Dean not who he seems, but that he himself is bound more tightly to the Cornish moorlands than he could have imagined. And far more deeply than he would ever want to be.

As the events that began to shape his life over three thousand years ago continue their steady, unstoppable march towards a terrifying conclusion, Richard discovers the truth about his connection to the moor, and eventually has to do battle with his own history just to survive. Those who love him struggle with conflicting loyalties and come to realise that, if the land itself is to endure, they must make some devastating decisions.”

A fabulous story, drenched in atmosphere and one of those rare tales that suck you in from line one all the way through to the end.

As a fantasy tale, belief has to be suspended from the outset, but the trick of a good book – and this is a very good book – is for the reader to become completely unaware that this is fantasy, and believe every word – no matter how fantastic!

The sense of place, the desolate moors, and the legends and mysteries of Cornwall transported me to that world of imagination as easily as stepping on to a bus or train, no matter that the landscape and cities (Plymouth in particular!) were, in this novel, steeped in make-believe, the narrative was absorbing, realistic and one-hundred percent enjoyable entertainment.

Add to all that, Ms Nixon’s entire concept is something a little different, and most refreshing.

It is always a pleasure to 'discover' a new author - and excellent storytellers - to read, and I am delighted that Discovering Diamonds is fulfilling the intended job of doing just that! 

Unputdownable. Entertaining. Fabulous. I must read book two….

© Anne Holt

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