Sunday 1 January 2017

KHAMSIN by Inge H Borg

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This title was shortlisted for the January Book of the Month

Adventure / Series 
Ancient Egypt
Legend of the Winged Scarab Series

The ‘devil wind’ burst through ancient Egypt for about fifty days at the time when King Aha ruled from 3080 B.C. before the pyramids were constructed, or even thought of, and long before the period most of us are familiar with and fond of, but the Ms Borg skilfully takes us back into this glorious past to show that human behaviour hasn’t changed much during the many, many centuries between then and now. They were,it seems, just as passionate – whether for good or ill, love or hate.

In this episode of the Legends of the Winged Scarab series, the character list is vast, somewhat like a block-buster movie, but the novel is so deftly written with the turbulence created by the wind echoing in the breathtaking events that unravel as each page is turned (eagerly, to find out what happens next). The plots and intrigues, fights and the need to survive, by commoner, priest, king or queen hook you into Egypt's past.

Readers interested in the events of Ancient Egypt will find this to be a must read.

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  1. b.C.E. Egypt? Now we're getting somewhere! Woot!

  2. A very interesting Mid-month special post (Jan, 18), Inge. Tweeted and I look forward to reading your book.

  3. Thanks for your kind comment. I had forgotten about Khamsin being featured here a year ago. Too intent on mining literary diamonds, I guess.


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