Sunday 1 January 2017

AURELIA by Alison Morton

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This title was shortlisted for the January Book of the Month

Alternative / Thriller 
20th century

Roma Nova Series #4

Late 1960s Roma Nova, the last Roman colony that has survived into the 20th century Aurelia Mitela is alone – forced to give up her beloved career as a Praetorian officer. But her country needs her unique skills. Somebody is smuggling silver – Roma Nova’s lifeblood – on an industrial scale.”

The Roma Nova series of excellent alternate history books is an enormous pleasure to read as exciting 'what if' thriller-adventures.

Roma Nova in the 1960s, and this is Aurelia Mitela’s story. She is the grandmother of the heroine from the previous books of the series, but this novel is very much a stand-alone read (although I heartily recommend the others!) Aurelia is a young woman going through the trauma of devastating loss. Her future career in the Praetorian Guard appears to be at an end, but she is sent to Berlin in order to find those responsible for stealing Roma Nova’s precious silver reserves. In this fabulous novel, prepare to enter an expertly imagined world of alternative history written so thoroughly believable that it is almost impossible to understand how the Roman Empire did not survive into the modern world.

Alison Morton’s writing skill is professional, consistent, entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable. Her characters are as believable as her plots, her research is impeccable and every book she produces is a delight to read. 
More please Ms Morton - keep them coming!

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  1. Thank you, Mary, for writing a lovely review!

  2. And thank you, Helen, for the Special Diamond award!

  3. Alternate history has never been high on my list, but an alternate history of Rome? That sounds interesting.

    1. This is a hugely interesting series - Ms Morton knows her stuff when it comes to Rome (and writing thrillers) Her concept that Rome could have survived into the 21st century is entirely believable. Well worth reading!

    2. Rome has fascinated us for nearly two thousand years. ;-)
      I like my stories to stand on their own but be firmly embedded in their country and culture. They need to know their place in time.

      I'm not terribly keen on expositional alternate history where the author feels compelled to tell us every detail and characters are forever explaining things to each other. Robert Harris's approach in 'Fatherland' is more to my taste.

      While stories need to move along, characters should live in their world naturally. I hope I've succeeded with the Roma Nova books!


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