Sunday 1 January 2017

DAYS OF SUN AND GLORY by Anna Belfrage

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a few reviews for novels written by our main reviewers or admins:

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This title was shortlisted for the January Book of the Month
Family Saga 
14th Century
The King’s Greatest Enemy Series #2

It is 1321 and there is rebellion in England. Adam de Guirande has survived Roger Mortimer’s attempted coup, but those who served Mortimer are now seen by King Edward II to be traitors. When Mortimer escapes imprisonment from the Tower of London and flees to France Adam has to find the resources to keep himself and his family safe, relying on allies such as his wife, Kit, and  Queen Isabella.

A thoroughly enjoyable story written by a superb story-teller. One that includes love, hatred and intrigue all immersed in a desperate fight to survive during one of England’s most highly troubled periods.

The research and the detail is impeccable, the characters are thoroughly believable and the plots as breathtaking as they must have been in real life. This is a real page-turner of a novel, and can be read without the first in the series, but I would suggest starting at the beginning to gain the maximum reading experience pleasure.

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  1. Yes, I always start "at the beginning." Roger Mortimer, eh? An interesting period.

    1. An intriguing man, IMO - but then I would say that :)

    2. well I'm not biased - definitely intriguing!

  2. Thank you Anne, for this smashing review! I'll be posting it on my website ASAP. And Helen, so honoured to be a "special Diamond" I keep on humming Rihanna :)

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