Wednesday, 1 June 2022

#DDRevsJuneJubilee- Celebrating the Platinum Jubilee!

Starting tomorrow – Discovering Diamonds is to celebrate Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee by hosting a series of excerpts or articles written by our wonderful review team. 

For our author reviewers: the theme is an excerpt from one of their novels portraying royalty - or an equivalent leader-type character.

For our non-writer reviewers: a favourite monarch and/or novel about Royalty...

In other words, an enjoyable mix of entertainment to acknowledge Queen Elizabeth II's longest reign in British history! 70 years! 

God Bless you Ma'am. 

 (say ma'am to rhyme with 'jam' not 'farm')

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 Who to look forward to:

 2nd June Annie Whitehead @AnnieWHistory

3rd June Anna Belfrage @abelfrageauthor

4th June Nicky Galliers


5th June Helen Hollick  @HelenHollick

6th June Joan Fallon  @joan_fallon

7th June Cryssa Bazos  @CryssaBazos

8th June Alison Morton @alison_morton

9th June Susan Appleyard  @Mexisue1 

10th June Juhi Ray @Juhi2016

13th June Elizabeth St John   @ElizStJohn

14thJune Richard Tearle (a tribute to Richard who passed away in 2021)

15th June Annie Whitehead (see above)

16th June J J Toner @jjtoner_YA

17th June Helen Hollick (see above)

20th June Marian L. Thorpe  @marianlthorpe

21st June Anna Belfrage (see above)

22nd June Robyn Pearce  

23rd June Finally, A Thank you to ALL our reviewers and readers

Do join us!

(Reviews will resume in July)



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