Friday 8 April 2022

Burke and the Pimpernel Affair, By Tom Williams

19th Century /Napoleonic
England / France

"1809: when a mission running agents into Napoleon's France goes horribly wrong, it's up to Burke to save the day. With the French secret police on his trail, can he stay alive long enough to free British spies from imprisonment in the centre of Paris? And how does the Empress Josephine fit into his plans?
Burke's most daring adventure yet sees him and his loyal companion William Brown using all their cunning and courage to survive as they move from the brilliance of Napoleon's court and Society parties to the darker Paris of brothels and gambling dens."

In 1809 Napoleon was threatening England—and hell-bent on ruling Europe. His beautiful but now rejected wife Josephine was about to be divorced for lack of an heir. Along comes English officer James Burke and his trusty side-kick, Sgt. William Brown, sent by Britain’s spy master on a perilous commission that leads them into the very heart of Paris society―the highest and the lowest. VoilĂ ―you’ve all the ingredients for a fast-paced exciting yarn. 

Burke and Brown are commanded to discover which safe house, somewhere between Calais and Paris, has been compromised. At the same time, they’re trying to keep secure a team of Royalist saboteurs who don’t know they’re the bait in the trap. 

Danger lurks on every corner, behind every tree, and on the streets of Paris. The saboteurs and Brown are in grave danger. Things get pretty grim! 

This story hooked me from the start. It’s a rollicking and delightful tale. You’ve all the classic elements of a dramatic adventure―espionage, England at war with France, the games those at the pinnacle of society play, and spy masters on either side of the English Channel with their devious tentacles.

Reviewed for Discovering Diamonds 

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