Wednesday 6 April 2022

A Discovering Diamonds Review of The Brantford Wagers by Nadine Kampen


"Clara Vincent is 'the artful dodger' when it comes to marriage, especially when her father is bent on match-making. Will her attitude change when she meets two eligible suitors and is drawn into the lives of intensely competitive families? Clara falls unexpectedly in love, but when fortunes are reversed and relationships up-ended, she needs to decide whether to trust James Brantford, who is seeking retribution, or accept the love of the man everyone else believes is her ideal match. As the Brantford Wagers unfold and lay bare the history of past relationships, will Clara be able to learn the truth and finally follow her heart?"

There is always room for another Regency romance. They are my guilty pleasure. And this one didn't disappoint. If you like the genre and you like the queen of the genre - Jane Austen - you'll have a great deal of fun with this.

The plot is as they all are - wealthy man falls in love with wealthy woman and it ends happily ever after. This one owes a great deal to the aforementioned Miss Austen. Every plot point she ever wrote in her books is here. And, for the most part, Ms Kampen does a good job. Her characters are both well rounded and ridiculous, with a good spread of the kind of narrow-minded country-dwelling folk Miss Austen would recognise. The main characters are good but not perfect, the baddies are never quite so bad you outright hate them, and there are some lovely twists, where some don't quite get what they deserve but they may yet.

There has been an issue with this debut that Discovering Diamonds helped with - the dreaded typo and, sadly, a few slipped past Ms Kampen and a little of her native north American English slid in. But these things happen and I'm prepared to forgive her.

This is a debut novel and although Ms Kampen has a way to go before she can truly call herself an established author (I believe five books is the guide for that?) this is an encouraging launch pad and I will be interested to see what she publishes next.

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