Monday, 16 November 2020

A Discovering Diamonds Review of Captain Kempton's Christmas by Jayne Davis


"Lieutenant Philip Kempton and Anna Tremayne fall in love during one idyllic summer fortnight. When he’s summoned to rejoin his ship, Anna promises to wait for him. While he’s at sea, she marries someone else. Now she's widowed and he's Captain Kempton. When they meet again, can they put aside betrayal and rekindle their love?"

Not looking forward to the Christmas festivities, Captain Philip Kempton is heading for his Aunt Beth’s for the duration. Unknown to the Captain, she has  also invited Anna.  Four years ago, Anna said she would wait for him – but promptly wed someone else the moment he went to sea. Now a widow, Anna discovers how much she hurt Philip, but the guests are arriving and the couple of misplaced lovers must struggle to control their feelings while in the company of others, all of whom are supposed to be having a good time.

This is a sweet, predictable romance, but for all that it is a charming and enjoyable read. We know everything will be fine in the end, but it is entertaining to discover how we get to that point with these two delightful people. The family and guests also create an enjoyable background to a somewhat typical Christmas where not everyone is as congenial as perhaps they should be.

The Christmas setting was well done – ideal for a comfortable, cosy Yule Tide read. The paperback would make an ideal stocking filler for readers who enjoy a quick-read romantic tale.

Reviewed for Discovering Diamonds 

© Mary Chapple

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  1. I've been reading more of these kinds of novels recently. Maybe I'll have to look for this one.


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