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A Discovering Diamonds Review of Right Trusty and Well Beloved by Various Authors Reviewed by: Helen Hollick

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Rebecca Batley, Terri Beckett, Susan Grant-Mackie, Kim Harding, 
Wendy Johnson, Joanne R. Larner, Kit Mareska, Alex Marchant (also editor), Maire Martello, Liz Orwin, Elizabeth Ottoson, Nicola Slade, 
Richard Tearle, Kathryn Wharton, Brian Wainwright, Jennifer C. Wilson, 
Foreword by Philippa Langley MBE

"An excellent and entertaining series of short stories  and poems by a variety of authors giving a variety of opinions and a swathe of emotions about Richard III"

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short stories / poems / Richard III / alternative

Sold in support of Scoliosis Association UK (SAUK)
"I want you to tell my real story… Use any talent you have to show me in my true light, not painted black with Tudor propaganda. My new army must be wordsmiths, not soldiers; artists, not knights; musicians, not warriors. We will lay siege to the towers of Tudor lies and bring them crashing down…"

This is an excellent and entertaining series of short stories  and poems by a variety of authors giving a variety of opinions and a swathe of emotions about Richard III, hero to these writers, but perhaps seen as villain to some readers - it depends on how you feel about him, but maybe this little anthology will help to change your mind about history's (unfortunate) blackening of his name.

One story is only a few pages long, another is an exploration of alternative history. Some stories are exciting, some amusing, some tragic and will make you cry. All were well written, but as with any anthology some, inevitably, had an edge over others. Some authors I am familiar with (a few we have reviewed here on Discovering Diamonds), some authors were interesting enough to warrant looking for what else they have written.  It is a short book, 160 pages, ideal for a journey or to while away a few, otherwise tedious, moments. I read much of my copy while waiting at our local hospital for an appointment. I was so absorbed I almost missed my name being called.

I feel I must, however, be a little biased and mention The Corners Of My Mind by our own senior reviewer, Richard Tearle. I was privileged to read an early draft: the raw emotion in the story made me cry. Tears trickled again when I read it a second time in the published edition. Bravo Richard - and all the authors, come to that.

Reviewed for Discovering Diamonds
© Helen Hollick
 e-version reviewed

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  1. Thank your for your review, Helen - such a thrill to have been involved and then to wake up and find this!!!

  2. Thanks so much for an excellent review, Helen - very glad you enjoyed it. Here's hoping you like the first anthology, 'Grant Me the Carving of My Name' as much!


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