Tuesday 11 June 2019

A Discovering Diamonds review of Finding Lord Farlisle by Cassandra Dean

Finding Lord Farlisle (Lost Lords Book 1)

"A simple love story about two young people who have been separated for over eleven years." 



Romance / Novella
19th Century

Finding Lord Farlisle is a simple love story about two young people who have been separated for over eleven years. In their youth, Lady Alexandra Torrence and Lord Maxim Farlisle were best friends. When Maxim’s disabilities cause him to have a fallout with his father, Maxim leaves Waithe Hall to go out to sea. Eleven years later, he finds his way home in search of his memories, which he had lost after a shipwreck, and the life he left behind. When Alexandra embarks on a ghost-hunting mission at the manor she thought was abandoned, she encounters Maxim, whom she thought had been lost at sea. 

Dean captures the time period through the actions of the characters, and how they relate to each other over the few days they are confined to Waithe Hall because of a thundering storm. As Dean rekindles the feelings Maxim and Alexandra have for each other, she provides a glimpse of their lives during 1800s England.

As I read the novella, I found myself visualizing the story as a stage play since the setting for the story takes place in the manor and is presented through the eyes of Maxim and Alexandra. After finishing the story, I found myself wanting more information about Maxim and Alexandra before their separation and during the eleven years that they were apart. It would have been interesting to learn more about them as children. Maxim’s experiences at sea, and what led to his memory loss, would have added a thrill of adventure to the storyline. It would have been captivating to understand more about Alexandra’s journey that led to her passion to become a spiritual hunter and scholar. I do feel, however, that this novella, while interesting in its present format, could be fully developed into a captivating novel.

Dean brings two lost lovers back together to weather through the storms of their past, with the hope of creating a future they thought had been lost. Finding Lord Farlisle is a story of hope that illustrates how Maxim and Alexandra can heal the scars from the past while awaking the buried passions in their hearts.

© Cathy Smith

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