Friday, 31 May 2019

Cover and Book of the Month - May

designer Cathy Helms of
with fellow designer Tamian Wood of
will select the Cover of the Month
with all winners going forward for Cover of the Year in December 2019
(and honourable mentions going forward for Honourable Mention Runner-up)
Note: where UK and US covers differ only one version will be selected
Cover of the Month


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design Matador Publishing
Honourable Mention Runners Up 
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cover design by More Visual

A Tale of Two Sisters: A heartfelt historical drama of intrigue, love and loss in a strange land
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From our MAY Reviews
runner up reads

I'm recommending these first two novels as Runners Up with the caveat of I know both authors (indeed, both review for Discovering Diamonds!) However as the Book of the Month selections are my own personal choice I have no hesitation in highlighting these two superb reads...

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but as an independent choice I'm going to pick this one

My Book of the Month though, is
The First Blast of the Trumpet (John Knox Book 1)

I enjoyed this one, an author new to me
I look forward to reading more of her work!
(note: Penmore Press for two of the above novels is now my publisher, but my choice is genuine for the content of the novel, not who produced it.)

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