Wednesday 8 August 2018

The Captain and the Cavalry Trooper by Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead


Romance /LGBT

A beautiful gay love story and historical romance set in France during WW1.

In 1917 Jack Woodvine joins Captain RB Thorne as groom to his horse Apollo. He’s slightly effeminate but good with horses, writes poetry and gradually earns the respect of the Captain. The two are more sophisticated than the brutish bunch around them and, having things in common, develop a friendship full of erotic tension and undertones.

Once they become lovers the book includes a series of explicit love scenes and the focus stays on the physical and emotional bond. War, death and fear as well as a sense for time and place are secondary to the romance. A side plot involving a different soldier and rivalry amongst the ranks slowly comes to the forefront and makes for some great tension and suspense.

In the end this turns out to be a rather good story but it will please romance readers more than historians.

© Christoph Fischer

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