7 August 2018

A Discovering Diamonds review of The Cruel Romance – A Novel of Love and War by Marina Osipova

Family drama / Romance

Quite a heart-breaking story about young Serafina, whose sweetheart, Victor, goes to war against the Germans in October 1941, leaving her outside of Moscow. Soon enough the Germans come and take over her village for a short but fatal period of time.

Communication between her and Victor are disrupted and so his return to Moscow sets off a series of dramatic events that reach far into the decades after the war.

The story and the way it is told has an authentic historical feeling and characters and plot are well thought out. Humans with all their faults and redeeming sides and insights are equally well-captured. This was not the story I had assumed it would turn out to be and it ended with an excellent epilogue that tied everything up.

As a native German I found some errors with the German grammar used, something that did distract me in parts, but overall this is a really good read.

© Christoph Fischer

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