Tuesday 3 July 2018

Brougham Hall by Nicki J Markus

AMAZON UK £4.08 £10.62
AMAZON US $5.69 $12.99  

Mystery/ Supernatural

Out of the blue, Catherine Houghton is invited to become the companion to the new wife of a previously estranged cousin, Lord Grovely. Catherine arrives at Brougham Hall amid preparations for the festive season and the gushing Lady Grovely Amelia introduces her to the guests, who include a dashing and handsome young man, Hal Carringrton.

Aha! You may think – a Victorian romance along the lines of some of the classic authors. But you'd be wrong. Not when the courteous and very gallant Mr Carrington and his devil-may-care brother James are vampires!

Theirs are not the only secrets at Brougham Hall, though, for Catherine is deposited in the run down East Wing through lack of suitable rooms in the West Wing and soon feels the presence of something sinister. And then one of the guests is found dead at the foot of the stairs…

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel: refreshingly free from notable real-life personalities of the age, it is an easy book to read and the characters are well defined and fit in with my idea of how they would act, behave and speak in those times. Perhaps, though, the formalities go a little far when the narrative refers to them as 'Miss' or 'Lord' or whatever their status when we know full well what their forenames are, but this is the only criticism I can find. There is also scope for a sequel and even a series.

© Richard Tearle

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