Friday 11 May 2018

Persuasion by Jane Austen

New Edition  Knickerbocker Classics : Flexibound

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Austen’s final story, Persuasion, is true to form, taking the reader on the journey of Anne Elliot, the middle daughter of English aristocrat Sir Walter Elliot. Anne, already an old maid by 18th century standards at 27 years old, is persuaded to reject the interests of a handsome young naval officer. As the story progresses we see Anne’s circumstance change and her heart and mind return to the man she rejected against her heart’s wishes.

The story, though somewhat predictable, partly because of its familiarity to modern audiences, is beautifully written, engaging the audience through complex character development and interesting plotline twists. Follow Anne as she faces the challenges of love and life.

This charmingly clothbound softcover edition of Jane Austen’s Persuasion is reminiscent of a ladies journal from years past; the perfect size for travel as it will easily fit into a small bag without taking up much space. A textured cover with a coordinated elastic bookmark makes this an attractive addition to any book collection.

This edition includes a detailed introduction to the author, interesting facts of her life and writings, as well as the intersection of Austen’s life with that of the character Anne. Austen was considered an 'old maid' in her time, having received and turned down several proposals. However, they diverge in that Austen was very content with her life as a single woman. She demonstrated very progressive thoughts and attitudes about women’s rights for her time, as they are detailed in this thorough and interesting introduction to this new edition. '

This should be a pleasing addition to any Austen fan’s library.

© Stephanie Neuhring

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