14 May 2018

Grimm’s Fairy Tales

New Edition  Knickerbocker Classics : Flexibound

Amazon US $12.39 pb
Amazon UK £7.74 pb
Amazon Canada $24.31 hb  


For two centuries these dark tales from Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm have been retold, revised and adapted to make them less frightening for children, including happy endings that do not exist in the originals. Unlike the common diluted, Disney version of these tales, this book delivers stories that are closer to the originals, reflecting the dark side of humanity and sociocultural norms of the time. The stories also offer absurd and comedic outcomes and actions that allow the underdog to triumph over the bully, usually by quick witted, and often violent means.

This edition includes a selection of the most popular and well-known stories from the Brothers Grimm, such as Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, and Little Frog King, but also a selection of stories that are lesser known, such as The Nixie in the Pond and The Girl without Hands.

This collection of beloved Brothers Grimm Fairy tales is beautifully illustrated by internationally recognized illustrator, Yann Legendre. The illustrations within are darker, edgier, and more contemporary, reminiscent of graphic novel art. These classic fairy tales have been re-imagined through illustration returning to the roots of the original stories. Evocative drawings lend to the depth and detail of the stories as they were intended to be read with each graphic depiction drawing inspiration from the story, and in turn gives depth to the words.

© Stephanie Neuhring

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