Saturday 23 December 2017

Diamonds: in sound and song...

We have reached the end of our selection of Diamond Tales
but here are some more Diamonds - in Sound and Song!
Links are to You Tube

(most of these  open with adverts - you can click 'skip' on each one)

* * * 
Diamonds and Rust  - Joan Baez

Diamonds Are Forever - Shirley Bassey

Neil Diamond
appropriate for a historical novel review site - where we have reviewed several novels on this topic!

To The Neil Mobile... an excerpt from The Big Bang Theory
(the episode features a competative treasure hunt - although Howard and Amy don't seem to be taking it as seriously as the others...)

Rhianna - Diamonds
'Shine bright like a diamond 
Shine bright like a diamond 
Shining bright like a diamond 
We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky…'

Marilyn Monroe.... and her best friends...

Hawk Nelson is making diamonds out of dust...

and what about 'tangerine trees and marmalade eyes' with Lucy still in the sky with diamonds...
(rumours that this song was about drugs were very wrong - in fact it was inspired by a painting John Lennon's young son produced: "What is it?" John asked...
"It's Lucy in the sky with diamonds [stars]" came the reply

Pink Floyd... shining with a crazy diamond

and finally: Jet Harris and Tony Meehan...
Who remembers this  diamond of a track? (and did you read our fabulous story by Richard Tearle relating to this? No? See the list below to catch up!)

If you missed any of our Diamond Tales, here's the full list:

3rd December     Richard Tearle Diamonds

4th December     Helen Hollick  When ex-lovers have their uses

5th December    Antoine Vanner  Britannia’s Diamonds

6th December    Nicky Galliers  Diamond Windows

7th December    Denise Barnes  The Lost Diamond

8th December    Elizabeth Jane Corbett A Soul Above Diamonds

9th December    Lucienne Boyce Murder In Silks

10th December    Julia Brannan The Curious Case of the Disappearing Diamond

11th December    Pauline Barclay Sometimes It Happens

12th December    Annie Whitehead Hearts, Home and a Precious Stone

13th December    Inge H. Borg  Edward, Con Extraordinaire

14th December    J.G. Harlond The Empress Emerald

15th December    Charlene Newcomb Diamonds in the Desert

16th December     Susan Grossey A Suitable Gift

17th December     Alison  Morton Three Thousand Years to Saturnalia

18th December      Nancy Jardine   Illicit Familial Diamonds

19th December      Elizabeth St John The Stolen Diamonds

20th December      Barbara Gaskell Denvil Discovering the Diamond

21st December        Anna Belfrage   Diamonds in the Mud

22nd December       Cryssa Bazos    The Diamonds of Sint-Nicholaas

23rd December        Diamonds … In Sound & Song 

Discovering Diamonds will be taking a short break over the Christmas festivities 
we will return on 27th December

Have a Diamond of a Christmas everyone!

May the December Stars shine bright like Diamonds for you - wherever you are.


  1. Brilliant choices to finish the theme, Helen. This has been such a wonderful month of excellent stories- my thanks for sharing them with everyone. Wishing you and yours, and all of the Diamond Tales contributors, a very Merry Festive Season!

  2. Great selection, Helen. May I add one of my own? Michelle Pfeiffer, under the character name of Suzy Diamond with Jeff Bridges in The Fabulous Baker Boys singing Making Whoopee.
    Thank you for putting all this together, its been an honour and delight to be part of it. A Merry Christmas to you, our brilliant authors and our wonderful readers.....

    1. Sorry the link doesn't come up as a link, but if you haven't seen this, copy and paste - its well worth it!! There was also Diamond Lights by Hoddle and Waddle!!!

  3. A sparkling finale. Once again thank you Helen for putting together a truly fabulous event throughout December.

  4. All during December, we read about fabulous diamonds - lost, found, stolen, hidden in attics. Only, at the end, to realize we had a special diamond in our midst all along.

    Thank you, Helen, for the gift of your endurance, encouragement, and most of all, your Brilliance.

  5. Thank you every one - Richard as soon as I get a chance I'll add your link. Inge - thank your words brought a few little tears...


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