Tuesday 7 November 2017

A Discovering Diamonds review of RHODE ISLAND RENDEZVOUS by Linda Collison

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book 3 in the Patricia MacPherson series
US Colonies - Rhode Island and Havana

This is the third book in a series that will surely be continued. Patrick MacPherson is handed the captaincy of their ship when his business partner marries. His first voyage as shipmaster is to Havana to sell some completely legal cargo and return with things that may be subject to new laws imposed by the British Government. Not quite smuggling,  but a race against time.

There is, however, one slight complication: Patrick is, in reality, Patricia .....The reasons for her disguise are quite understandable – becoming outwardly a man has got her to the position she wants to be in and instances of such deceptions were quite common in those days (although few were actually recorded). These are explained in this story as I am sure they are in the previous volumes (which I have not read). Also, I am sure, the one question I have has also been addressed before, but not in this book. I think it should have been as I am  other readers coming to the series through this book for the first time would be asking it too: how did she 'go' when everybody on board believed her to be a man?

But let us not dwell on such things. The story moves along at a great pace and the seagoing passages are excellently and convincingly written. We discover a possible future lover and a former one also makes a significant appearance. Some back story is given, but I would definitely recommend reading the previous volumes to be completely au fait with her circumstances.

Recommended as a good read.

© Richard Tearle

(an ARC version was reviewed, where there were a few typos etc - to be expected in a pre-publication version, but should have been corrected for the final edition.) 

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