Wednesday 25 October 2017

Out Of Mecklenburg by James Remmer

Amazon UK £3.99 £12.99
Amazon US $5.39 $14.67
Amazon CA Hardback $30.64

Spy Thriller
Germany and Argentina

Carl von Menen works for the German Foreign Office but his sympathies are not with the extreme elements of the Nazi party, a stance which could always prove hazardous for him. He finds himself posted to Argentina, but his true role is much more covert, and he soon discovers that he has even more enemies. To complicate matters he meets beautiful doctor Maria Gomez and is introduced by her to Filipe Vidal, ostensibly a supporter of rising Argentinian politician, Colonel Juan Peron. Surrounded by enemies and with few friends, von Menen walks a very dangerous and lonely road, though help sometimes comes from unexpected sources.

This is a very tense and tautly written thriller which smacks of authenticity, moves along at a decent pace and compares the exotic locations of Buenos Aires to the dark and dangerous areas of war-stricken Berlin. An attractive cover rounds off a very well presented package. The ending may well catch you unawares, but fortunately there appears to be a sequel on the way.

I did feel that von Menen was perhaps a little too competent in his new role, but that is probably being picky because I could not fault the story or the characters in any way. Highly recommended.

© Richard Tearle

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