Thursday 26 October 2017

A discovering Diamonds review of The Woman in the Shadows by Carol McGrath

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Family Drama

Carol McGrath’s expertly researched and very aptly named novel, The Woman in the Shadows, lifts the lid on an intriguing and too-long-neglected character from Tudor times. Thanks to several high profile novels in recent years we all know a lot about Thomas Cromwell but, as is so often the way, very little about the women in his life, notably his wife Elizabeth. Until now.

This novel explores Elizabeth’s life and marriage in an engaging and entertaining way. I found the details of the textiles trade fascinating and also very much enjoyed the nuanced and realistic portrayal of Elizabeth’s marriage with a man she loved and who clearly loved her but who was far from perfect. 

There are elements of romance in this read, but it goes further than that by investigating how hard it was to be an intelligent and ambitious woman in such largely repressive times.

© Joanna Courtney

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