1 March 2017

THE TRIBUTE BRIDE by Theresa Tomlinson

AMAZON UK £4.64 £7.99

Biographical Fiction
7th Century

In the seventh century distant past of our history, the wives of chieftains, and this includes queens, often have no record of their lives, beyond, if we are lucky, a mention of their name. They were expected to play the role of diplomat and peaceweavers, to be brides to make alliances between families and mothers to secure a bloodline.

Acha, is the protagonist of this splendid novel. Bede mentions her just once as the sister to Oswald. In history, however, she played a major part in events which would lead to the formation of the Kingdom of Northumbria and the culture that led to the making of the Lindisfarne Gospels.

Ms Tomlinson’s tale creates a plausible re-telling of the period, with believable characters and the known facts skilfully interwoven with the imagined fiction. For Anglo-Saxon fans this must be a definite read, but for readers who enjoy history in general this is also a must, for it masterfully explains the making of England.

© Anne Holt

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