Tuesday 28 February 2017

A Discovering Diamonds Review of: THE PAPER CAPER by Tim Topps

AMAZON UK £4.64    / £4.71

Adventure / Mystery / Espionage / Humour

Post WWII 1940s - 1950s

Tim Topps is narrator and the hero of this post WWII / start of the Cold War tongue-in-cheek yarn of an adventure. Unable to avoid National Service, Tim is assigned to sort out the failing readership of a minor Army newspaper as a cover for discovering a ring of sleepers and their leader. The tension mounts as Tim travels the Shropshire and Herefordshire countryside slowly uncovering the truth, aided by his beautiful assistant, some intriguing helpers, more than a few suspects and several red herrings.

Some of the links to clues are tenuous and contrived, as with many thrillers, but that can be forgiven for this is a lovely, whimsical and enjoyable read. The characters are endearing, highly believable, and the whole novel most entertaining.

© Anne Holt
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