Tuesday 7 March 2017

A Discovering Diamonds Review of The ASHES of HEAVEN'S PILLAR by Kim Rendfeld

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Inspirational / Christian Faith
8th Century / Charlemagne

Kim Rendfeld has written an inspirational story told through the viewpoint of ordinary, everyday folk: a Saxon family, in particular a devout mother, devastated by the effects of war, betrayal, and enforcement into slavery. Reminding me of a folk-tale sort of story, being plot-driven more than character development, with circumstances providing a path forward rather than the characters themselves, this is a story of love, loyalty, faith, personal honour, endurance and survival through hardship, and sexual assault. 

Possibly a more professional-looking cover would enhance the book, but that is a personal view.

I was initially confused by a host of characters, and the pace slowed a little in places. I know nothing of Charlemagne, but did battles in the eighth century continue for prolonged periods? I therefore cannot verify the historical accuracy, but as a story of forgiveness and steadfast faith, with everything resolved, bad people punished and decent ones rewarded in good Christian tradition, this is a rewarding read for those with a strong religious faith of their own.

© Ellen Hill
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