Monday 6 February 2017


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Romance - with a dash of rebellion / Family Drama
19th century 1882
Dublin / Cumberland

This is a debut novel and it is a stunning read. It shows quality and that all-important ‘read-ability’ that keeps the reader turning the pages eager to know what happens next. The heroine, Louise Campbell, lives with her sister in Dublin and they are just about scraping by. Out of the blue, from an uncle they were unaware existed, they inherit Bowes Farm, a large estate on the coast of Cumberland in the north of England. They decide to move to their new property, rather than enjoy the money its sale would make, and look forward to a new life. But things are never that simple are they? (Well not in fiction anyway!) The uncle, it seems, was not much liked and the two girls find themselves tarred with the same brush of suspicion by their new neighbours, especially by handsome Nicholas Maxwell, the local magistrate. The situation being even more difficult because his family had been cheated out of ownership of the farm many years in the past, and the animosity has stuck like glue.

In between all this, we are treated to the excitement of breath-taking subplots, arms-smuggling, an abduction, police raids, terrorism, and a secret affair – all wrapped up in a tale of unfolding romance.

The narrative is beautifully written, with political issues of the period skilfully intertwined with wonderful attention to descriptive detail. I was reminded throughout of Georgette Heyer’s novels – how delightful to discover a similar new author!

Highly recommended, and definitely a Discovered Diamond.

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