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Military / Anthology / Epic
Napoleonic / 18th-19th Century

Fire and Steel isn’t one book but five novellas amalgamated under the banner of The Soldier Chronicles, which covers a period of almost twenty years of conflict in Ireland, Malta, Holland, Spain, and culminating in the Battle of Waterloo.

David Cook’s writing is powerful, and in each episode he introduces new characters in new situations and in different locations. In each story there is a battle and for the more sensitive reader be warned - these are described graphically and bring out the horrors of warfare with such skill that you feel as though you are there, which not all readers who do not enjoy bthe reality of battles may not appreciate.

The only blemish on the presentation is one badly spaced line towards the end of the last story. My one disappointment was that there was not enough of each episode as each could well have made a full-length novel and even a series. The author has the ability to enthral for a lot longer than a hundred or so pages!

An excellent anthology. Highly recommended.

©Richard Tearle Discovering Diamonds

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  1. I love to read about writers who have such clever use of words - although I think I'd find it a bit too bloodthirsty. However, that's just personal taste. It still takes a high level of skill to bring a battle to life, and I can appreciate that.

  2. It takes a lot of skill to write a good battle Loretta!


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