Tuesday 17 January 2017

A Discovering Diamonds Review of: THE CRAIGSMUIR AFFAIR By Jen Black

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Victorian / Edwardian -  19th Century

Artistically talented Daisy Charlton dreams of furthering her art studies in London. Whiled doing so she is helping her uncle catalogue his art collection, but when one of the paintings goes missing, it is suspected that she might have had a hand in it. Well, suspected by Mr Adam Grey, who offers to take on the investigation into the disappearing paintings.

The theft is the first of many, and Adam finds himself working with Daisy, though he worries she is too young and vulnerable to assist in a crime investigation, but he is attracted to her  and is more than happy to spend time in her company.

Daisy does not know what to make of Adam. Rumour has him a cruel employer who dismisses people over misdemeanours; more rumours describe him as a womaniser. Initially Daisy is too innocent to sort the truth from the lies – but she is also attracted to this man with silver eyes.

Ms Black delivers an superbly executed romance firmly rooted in an excellently depicted historical setting. The 19th century comes vividly alive, and Daisy and Adam both rise above the clich├ęd cut-outs to become characters it is easy to relate to and care for. The plot is well-constructed, the dialogue enjoyable and the villains agreeably villainous. A book warmly recommended for readers who enjoy a well-written historical romance.

©Anna Belfrage 

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