Friday 28 January 2022

The Last Daughter of York by Nicola Cornick (Published in some areas as The Last Daughter)

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duel timeline / fictional drama
1400s/ 21st century

Nicola Cornick writes masterful historical dual timeline novels, and The Last Daughter of York is her best yet – a creatively refreshing take on one of England’s greatest historical mysteries, and a modern-day narrative that guides us to resolution with all the twists and allure of a Cotswold country lane. The enchanted setting of Minster Lovell adds a magical attraction to Ms Cornick’s novel, with lyrical descriptions of a charming England village…and a hint of menace that forewarns that not all is as it appears.

Both stories weave through the novel with equal import, and this is especially commendable given the familiarity of the story of the missing princes in the Tower; Ms Cornick’s deft hand brings a whole new perspective to their mystery, while introducing us to a parallel modern day disappearance of a young girl. The women’s voices in the narrative are excellent – although at times the young fifteenth-century Anne Lovell does sound overly mature, her precociousness can be forgiven in the bigger picture of storytelling. I really enjoyed Serena Warren’s twenty-first-century investigative role and the evolving story of her own growing strength, self-awareness, and acknowledgment of the tragedy of her missing sister. Sometimes, radical acceptance is the only way to move forward from a catastrophic event, and within the lines of this beautifully written novel, we discover life lessons that endure through the centuries.

An uplifting, riveting, and exquisitely crafted novel, I loved The Last Daughter of York, and will certainly be re-reading for the pure pleasure of spending time in Ms Cornick’s totally immersive world. Highly recommend.

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