Wednesday 13 October 2021

Island of Gold by Amy Maroney

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Fictional Drama /Romance

Amy Maroney has come up trumps again. I loved her Mira series and I’ll be following this new series just as enthusiastically.

In the Languedoc, 1435, Cedric is an innocent young lad with a passion for falcons. The death of his father by bandits changed his life. Four years later, now a skilled swordsman, he has earned a well-deserved reputation as a skilled falconer.

Bruges, Flanders, 1440. Sophie Portier has arrived from Toulouse with her family. Her father is a very successful trader of fine fabrics. She is beautiful, vivacious and spoiled by her father. She attracts the attention of powerful men looking for a rich wife.

So far, we have the classic ingredients for a romance. What lifts this story to a higher level is the detailed research and Maroney’s skilled writing. Add the drama of the Knights Templars on the Greek island of Rhodes, long dangerous sea journeys, pirates and privateers, threats of invasion from Turkey, abdications, slaves – and more.

A great read, plus I learnt heaps about the period, the Knights Templars, falconry, fabrics and much more. The perfect combination of history and exciting drama.
An outstanding read

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