Friday 15 October 2021

A Discovering Diamonds Review of The Girl with the Flaming Hair by Natalie Kleinman

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Regency Romance

So many Regency romances have been written that I think it is hard to find something completely unique and different. And many readers like that; something familiar that feels like home, where the good young ladies win and the bad young (and old) men get their comeuppance. 

The Girl with the Flaming Hair is one of those. It follows a fairly set pattern: hero meets heroine but something keeps them apart that is then resolved and everyone lives happily ever after. There is, of course, the misunderstanding that threatens to break the friendship let alone the romance, so very Austen, but our pair of star-crossed lovers find a way through the maze of love.

What does set this apart is the Austeneque secondary players who add colour and form to what would otherwise be a bland story. The cast of characters rush in and out of the scenes, living their own lives separate to the main characters, and add interest and a sense of community.

This genre is not intended to be startling, so we can forgive that, but it is a perfectly pleasant read, nicely written with characters you can care about. They may not stay with you very long, but that means you can read it again.

Reviewed for Discovering Diamonds 

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