Wednesday 20 May 2020

A Discovering Diamonds Review of Killing Kiowas by Shaun Ivory

Western (America Made Me Book 2)

Conor O' Farrell, having survived the Civil War but still hunted by the Pinkerton Agency for a crime he didn't commit, makes his way to Texas and joins a team of cattle herders despite his total lack of experience. Pretty soon he makes a powerful enemy as they make their long and dusty way to Abilene. Along the way they encounter sudden storms, rivers to cross, a stampede and Indians.

Following an ambush by his nemesis and left to die, Conor is saved by a runaway squaw with whom he has a brief relationship for he leaves her for a better life. Finding himself in El Paso, he is taken under the wing of a retired gunfighter for Conor is on a mission of revenge.

Essentially, this is a straightforward Western story – not a genre I am particularly familiar with – but there is the underlying premise that this is a continuing story and is relevant to the development of the central character. Written largely in the vernacular, the language and dialogue sound pretty authentic to me, the action is fast paced and the characters well formed.

I had a few niggles: the title is perhaps a touch misleading as very few Kiowas were harmed whereas one might think there are mass slaughters to read about. There are a couple of minor typos. Although it can be read as a stand alone, as always it is advantageous to know the back story, for previous references in this book are few and far between and not fully comprehensive. The ending, too, makes it quite clear that there is more to follow. 

All in all, an enjoyable story of the early Wild West with a few legendary names thrown in for local colour.

© Richards Tearle

Reviewed for Discovering Diamonds 

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  1. Once again a big thank you to Richard for what was all-in-all a pretty fair assessment of my continuing chronicle of Conor O'Farrell. One always wants more but to get that you need to give more! I am not a 'A Wild West' writer per se and I suppose any lassoing learner can trip me up but I did give it my best shot! You see, the genre is ripe for cliche, something I will try to steer clear of if my anti-hero is to survive. Thank you Richard.

  2. A pleasure, Shaun - keep at it!!


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