Sunday 1 December 2019

Book and Cover of the Month November Reviews

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will select the Cover of the Month
with all winners going forward for Cover of the Year in December 2019
(honourable mentions going forward for Honourable Mention Runner-up)
Note: where UK and US covers differ only one version will be selected

Books Reviewed During November

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published by Simon & Schuster
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Honourable Mention Runner Up 
Image result for Cathedral of Bones by J G Lewis
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From our November Reviews

War is never enjoyable, but this was a remarkable read.

I had read the printed book when it first came out, and must admit to having a slight edge of preference to Ms Belfrage's Graham Saga...but I was intrigued by the audio edition of this, the first of her King's Greatest Enemy series - so acquired a copy - and thoroughly enjoyed it! (recommended (book or audio!)

Book of the Month Winner

48395241. sy475

All I can say is... I love the Sam Plank series.


for a December treat 
every day during December we will be posting
a short story inspired by a song title
and written by a variety of authors 

Part of the fun will be
Read The Story...
Guess the song!

The Full List of Authors:
December 2nd   M J Logue First Love
3rd   Richard Tearle Chips and Ice Cream
4th   Helen Hollick Promises, Promises
5th   Paul Marriner Memories
6th   Pam Webber One Door Closing
7th   Louise Adam Hurt Me Once
8th   Barbara Gaskell Denvil Sticks and Stones
9th   Judith Arnopp Secrets
10th Erica LainĂ©  Silk Stockings
11th  Anna Belfrage Hold Me, Love Me, Leave Me? 
12th  Annie Whitehead Frozen
13th  Tony Riches Alas, My Love
14th Clare Flynn, Zipless
15th J.G. Harlond The Last Assignment
16th Elizabeth St John Under The Clock
17th Alison Morton Honoria’s Battle
18th Jean Gill The Hunter
19th Patricia Bracewell Daddy's Gift
20th Debbie Young It Doesn't Feel Like Christmas
21st  Ruth Downie  Doing It Properly
22nd Nicky Galliers What God Has Joined
23rd Elizabeth Chadwick The Cloak
26th Helen Hollick Ever After
27th  Barbara Gaskell Denvil Just The One... Or Maybe Two
28th  Deborah Swift Just Another Day
29th  Amy Maroney What The Plague Brings
30th  Cryssa Bazos River Mud
31st  HAPPY NEW YEAR  and
announcing our DDRevs Cover and Book of the Year

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