Monday 9 September 2019

A Discovering Diamonds review of None So Blind by Xenon

None So Blind

I quite took to Dio; I felt the conflict in him regarding his best friend's wife"



Fictional Drama
499 BC
Gea – a mythical part of the Trojan Empire

Diomedes (Dio) is the Swordmaster in the area of Gea in the first of this ambitious series based on Trojan life. His best friend Miltiades, governor of the area, has begun acting strangely; giving up wine and taking less interest in his wife, Kalliste, among other things. A religious cult is causing problems, Miltiades has announced that he is divorcing Kalliste and the emperor has just been assassinated – quite a lot for Dio to take in. But worse will follow as a plot is uncovered to overthrow the new emperor, Kalliste's life is threatened and Dio has to flee for his life. And in the meantime, he has to examine his feelings for Kalliste. Indeed, he has to examine her apparent feelings for him too!

I quite took to Dio; I felt the conflict in him regarding his best friend's wife, now 'available'. He had been a loner all his life and he finds intimacy, no matter how mild, uncomfortable. There are some good minor characters, too.

All in all, not a bad read, quite a bit of action, a romance and well-paced throughout.

Richard Tearle

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