6 August 2019

A Discovering Diamonds review of Morgarten: The Forest Knights by J K Swift

MORGARTEN: The Forest Knights: Book 2

A worthwhile follow-up to Book One with lots of action, danger and personal conflicts. "


Fictional Saga/adventure
14th Century

In Book Two of the Knights of the Forest duology, we pick up where we left off at Book One. Despite their mistrust of each other, Thomas, the Knight of St John agrees to help outlaw Noll Melchthal train his rag-tag army of villagers as Prince Leopold gathers his own forces in order to clear the area. Thomas is aided by his companion, the giant Pirmin and soon the other knights that had been under his command join them. Except one.

Thomas' friend, the priestess Seraina, is accused of witchcraft and both she and Thomas are arrested and taken away for trial. Thomas escapes and rescues her and slowly they become very close. But there is still a battle to be fought and the odds aren't good ...

A worthy follow-up to Book One with lots of action, danger and personal conflicts. In the characterisations of Thomas and his Knights, I was reminded very much of David Gemmell's fantasy stories – and that is no bad thing. The build-up and the description of the battle of Morgarten is authentic and there is an author's note which lays out what happened to the main, factual characters. As in all sequels, it is always advantageous to read the first volume, but this can easily be read as a stand-alone.

Recommended for those who like fast-paced adventures based on true events.

© Richard Tearle

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